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  • Connecting with Jira Cloud

    There are 2 ways to connect your Jira account with Everhour: Install the Everhour app from Jira Marketplace (this article). Link Jira and Everhour via Application link (separate article). Everhour

  • Disable Jira App for some projects

    How to turn off the app from appearing The classic Jira projects have their special work_on_issue permissions. If you turn them off now, our timer will no longer show up. Go to your classic project

  • Connecting with Jira Server

    1. Create an application in Jira The first step would be to create an application in Jira as an administrator to connect it later to Everhour. Log in as a Jira administrator. Choose the Jira Icon

  • Internal projects

    Internal projects are designed to let teams track time for activities they don’t keep in their project management tools. This can be legal work or daily routine, like email check or meetings. At the

  • Everhour browser extension (features)

    Our browser extension is a must if you would like to track time inside popular project management tools such as Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Jira. This is how we embed our controls inside their interface.

  • Internal projects and tasks

    While we give much attention to the ability to track time in most popular project management tools, Everhour can be a full-fledged task management tool by itself. In this article Prerequisites List

  • Tracking billable / non-billable time

    Everhour lets you track billable time that should be invoiced and paid by your client and non-billable time for which you don't charge but want to keep at hand for reporting purposes. Set up a

  • Configurable reports

    Below, we put together some sample reports that you can build with Everhour to show you the value it could bring to your team and inspire you! Sample reports Custom timesheet Project milestone Sprint

  • Everhour browser extension (why important & how to install)

    If you integrate Everhour with Asana, Trello or other project management tools and wish to track time there, you should install our browser extension and keep it up-to-date. How it works We inject

  • How to add or edit another person's time

    Everhour gives a couple of options to add and edit another person's time. Editing time of other's inside project management tool Admins and supervisors can see, add or edit time on behalf of other

  • Projects page

    'Projects' page is where you can find and manage all your company's projects. Admins can see all projects, regular members see only those to which they have access. Only admins can see billing and

  • Key benefits of integrations in Everhour

    Everhour integrates with a handful of most popular project management tools: Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Jira (see a full list here). We aim to appear in their interface as native as possible. By doing

  • Task estimates

    Everhour lets you add time estimates to tasks, no matter if they are internal tasks or managed inside your project management tool (Asana, Trello, Jira and more). How to add / edit estimates Click on

  • Everhour pricing plans

    Everhour comes in 2 pricing plans: Free and Basic which you can pay monthly or yearly. Let's take a closer look at each of them. In this article Free plan Basic monthly plan Basic yearly plan Volume

  • Columns in reports: how to display information the way you need

    There are 45+ columns you can use in custom reports, each standing for different data. Pick those that you need in a particular report » change order » use extra column option to further adjust

  • Connected projects (integrations)

    'Connected' are projects that we sync from your project management tool. How it works When you connect a project management tool (e.g. Asana, Trello or Jira), Everhour will automatically sync all

  • How to track time (various methods)

    There are multiple ways to track time in Everhour. Each has its own advantages. In this article Time tracking inside integrations Using browser extension Using Everhour website Responsive website or