Internal projects

What is an Everhour project

While we give much attention to the ability to track time in most popular project management tools, Everhour can be a full-fledged task management tool by itself. Everhour projects can be created inside your account with simple functionality that allows creating tasks and tracking time for them. We don't connect our projects with others that you have in your integrations.

How can you use internal projects

You can use internal projects to track time for daily tasks that the team has and that could not be added to a project from your integration. It can be a product meeting, a call with a client, email checking and so on.
You can track time of what you do when you don't use any project management tool or we don't integrate with it. Let us give some examples.
Your team works in GitHub or JIRA to track time for development work you do for a client. An accountant needs to track time too, but the GitHub repository is not a good place for administrative tasks. An internal project can be a nice solution.

You have teams that work with different clients and have separate projects, but they all spend time on talking to a client, replying to their emails, making team-wide meetings and so on. You don't bill a client for this time, but want to keep track of it, because you pay your employees for this time. You can add an internal project to list all tasks there and invite all team members to track time.

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