Internal projects

Internal projects are designed to let teams track time for activities they don’t keep in their project management tools. This can be legal work or daily routine, like email check or meetings. At the same time, the functionality of internal projects is enough to make a true project with tasks and phases. 
Some team members may require tracking time, but it's odd to invite them to tools designed for technical work. For example for your accountant to report hours in Jira.
So, while we talk a lot about the possibility to integrate Everhour with popular project management apps (Asana, Trello, Jira, Basecamp etc.), this is not necessary. Internal projects are enough to organize time tracking in your company or you can combine and use internal and connected projects together.

How to create an internal project

Go to your Projects page to create an internal project. Only team admins can do that.

You can make the following actions in the opened modal window:

  • Give your project a name;
  • Choose one of the templates;
  • Choose the layout of tasks display;
  • Assign a client;
  • Make the project public to your team or private to some members;
  • Choose who can track time into a project;
  • Choose who is allowed to create, change and delete tasks.

Manage tasks

Click on the internal project to manage tasks. You can choose whether to use 'List' or 'Board' view for your tasks. 

You can do the following actions with tasks:

  1. Create a section and then a task. If you want to create a task without a section, please read this post;
  2. Assign a project member to a task. It is possible to filter the view by your own tasks in the upper right-hand corner;
  3. Add, edit, move time, copy task, set its estimate, etc without opening a task;
  4. See tags and click on them to change.

Edit project

Click on the '...' icon next to the project name for editing, or select several projects and make changes in bulk.

Copy project

If you often use similar project's structure, you can quickly copy any project by selecting the 'Copy Project' option. You can choose whether to copy estimates, closed sections and tasks. By default we will copy billing and budget preferences. 

Archive/delete projects

You can archive a project, thus restricting regular members to track or edit time. Admins can still log hours, but only manually (timer is disabled). We indicate in such a way that the project is archived and make sure that no one tracks time accidentally. 

Archived projects are moved to the special section (you can find such projects using filter). You can reactivate a project to resume tracking at any time.

If you delete a project, all its tasks and time history will be permanently removed. 

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