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Basic information on Everhour as a service, how we're different

10 articles

Navigating Everhour

Get acquainted with Everhour's layout and interface

13 articles


Time Tracking

The basics on tracking time in Everhour, different ways and tips

15 articles

Team Settings

How to add, organize or remove users, configure access and policies

18 articles


Connect Everhour with popular project management and accounting tools

26 articles


How to manage projects, tasks, budgets and way to bill your projects

5 articles


Generate clear and concise reports about time, costs, progress and more

7 articles

Browser Extension

Why extension is so important and what else you should know

9 articles


Info regarding our pricing, trial period and editing your subscription

9 articles


Instant answers to the most common questions we get

13 articles



Manage clock in and clock out times for your team as well as breaks they take

4 articles

Clients & Invoices

Creating an invoice based on tracked time & expenses. Copy to Xero or QBO

9 articles


Record expenses like mileage, travel etc. that incurred on the job

7 articles

Time Off

How to track PTO, vacations, holidays, sick days and leave types

5 articles

Schedule & Timeline

Assign hours on team's tasks and track the actual time spent.

6 articles

Time Approval

Be notified when someone finishes their timesheet, lock further editing

3 articles


Monitor user activity to avoid wrongly-tracked hours

3 articles


Detect when someone is working extra hours and calculate overtime pay

3 articles


Trello power-up

Free time tracker for Trello. Set estimates, track time, generate detailed reports

5 articles

Shifts app

Scheduling & time tracking tool for shift-based teams and non-desk employees

12 articles