Connected projects (integrations)

'Connected' are projects that we sync from your project management tool. 

How it works

When you connect a project management tool (e.g. Asana, Trello or Jira), Everhour will automatically sync all your projects and show them under 'Projects' page. This way you don't have to manually re-create your projects structure.

You can keep normally working with these projects in Everhour: assign a client, specify a billing method, add budget, make reports etc. Sync happens periodically so all new projects will automatically be added to your Everhour account and if you update a project name, it will also update in Everhour.

How to trigger instant sync

If you just added a new project or renamed the existing one and wish to see these changes immediately in Everhour, you can re-sync projects from the Integrations page manually.

Same with tasks of these projects. If you've just renamed a task, added a new tag or moved the task into a different section or project and you wish to see these changes instantly, you need to select these projects and hit 'Resync Tasks'.

Manage projects

All your projects are listed under 'Projects' page with an icon of their source. 

  1. You can group your projects by their workspace and integration;
  2. Icon shows what integration a project belongs to;
  3. You can select multiple projects and make bulk actions (change billing, assign a client etc.);
  4. Click on the project name to open 'Project summary' page.

Archive / delete projects

This is one-way integration meaning that you cannot delete connected projects, edit titles, manage tasks, change someone’s access rights from Everhour. We only sync changes made in your tool. 

You can archive a connected project, thus restricting regular members to track or edit time. Admins can still log hours, but only manually (timer is disabled). We indicate in such a way that the project is archived and make sure that no one tracks time accidentally. 

Archived projects are moved to the special section (you can find such projects using filter).


Everhour sync all your projects across all teams and workspaces, except special 'personal projects' (in some integrations). It's currently not possible to make a granular sync, deciding what projects you wish to connect and what not.

Admins in Everhour can see projects of all members. It does not matter if an admin has access to that project inside integration. This is due to the fact that any admin should see the same totals in time reports and be able to configure projects billing and budgeting.
If you take away member's access to the connected project, this user will no longer be able to track time and see this project in Everhour. 

If you delete a project in integration, admins can still find historical time entries in reports. 

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