How to add or edit another person's time

Everhour gives a couple of options to add and edit another person's time.

Editing time of others inside project management tool

Admins and supervisors can see, add or edit time on behalf of other employees right inside Asana, Trello, Jira, Basecamp, ClickUp, and more. For example:


Click the 'Add Time' button and choose another person to submit their hours. Click on the ✏️ icon near the user's time to update or delete time entries for the task.


The same functionality is also available in Trello. Click the 'Add Time' button and select the user for whom you'd like to track time. Click on the label with total time and edit the time of any participant.

This functionality looks a bit differently in each integration as we adapt to the interface, best practices and guidelines of each tool. You should have our browser extension installed to be able to use this option. 

Editing time from Everhour website

Home page

For admin users, the fastest and easiest way to edit someone's time is to click on a cell in the timesheet widget on the 'Home' page.

Team page

Another option is to go to the 'Team' page > 'Timesheets' tab. This is where you can find the time by any member, for any week. Data can be sorted and filtered, each line can be expanded to see the exact tasks the employee worked on. Make edits, add, approve or reject time. 

Member summary

Click on a member's name to get to their profile page and be able to add or edit time specifically for that user. All user's data is gathered in one place and grouped into multiple tabs.


If you're looking at a report in which there is a 'Time' column, you can click on the ✏️ icon and make the necessary adjustments.

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