View history of time changes

All time and estimates changes made to the task are available for your revision.

Quick look

Time log is available in the tooltip when hovering special ℹ️ icon on your Time page.

Or when hovering a cell in the timesheet.

Full details

Click on a task title and open 'Time Log' modal.

Switch between 'Time' and 'Estimates' changes. All task time history is grouped weekly and by user. You can see if the timer was used or time was added and edited manually.

We highlight some changes, thus paying your attention to something that can probably negatively affect the accuracy and requires adjustments.

Actions that we highlight:

  • admin stopped the timer on behalf of a team member;
  • timer was stopped as per certain limit (user \ project \ client);
  • timer was stopped automatically at the end of the working day;
  • time was edited / added on behalf of other team member;
  • time was edited / added on a different day.
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