Time approval (admin)

Time approval allows admins to receive notifications when someone's timesheets are ready. Once a timesheet is approved, the time entries for that week (both 'Project hours' and 'Working hours') are locked and can only be edited by admins.


When a user requests time approval, there is an option to notify one or multiple team admins by email. In this case, there will be an email notification.

Approve employees' time

Go to 'Team' or 'Member summary' page. In the Timesheet tab there is a column 'Approval'. Click on each status badge to see details and make appropriate actions.

  1. Click the column name to sort by approval status;
  2. Leave any words you want to accompany with your action;
  3. Optionally select and approve only specific days in the timesheet; 
  4. Select whether to notify a person about the status change of their request;
  5. Approve or Reject a timesheet. Click '..' to Discard a request.
  6. See detailed log of actions, time stamps and notes.

Submit time for approval

Any admin can self-approve time, but if necessary, there is an option to send a timesheet to another admin for approval.

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