How to track time (various methods)

There are multiple ways to track time in Everhour. Each has its own advantages.

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Time tracking from the Everhour website

Log in to your Everhour account and open the Time page. Here you can add or edit all your time entries. 

Search input at the top allows to quickly find a task by its name or project, start the timer, or log hours manually. If you use multiple integrations at once, you can find the tasks from all of them in one place.

On the 'List' tab, you'll find your time entries grouped by day of the week, in descending order. The current day is always at the top, likewise the last task you worked on that day. If you hover on a specific time entry, you can quickly start the timer, or edit the time inline.

'Timesheet' tab shows mostly the same data, but in a different interpretation. Here you'll see your tasks grouped together with the total time for a particular day of the week. You can add and edit time by clicking on a particular cell. By clicking on the 'Add Time' button you can add a new task to the timesheet and add the time for it. Also, you can pull previous and earlier weeks' tasks, plus create a time off event.

At the 'Timecards' tab, you can record your hours at work without having to log time on specific tasks. Perfect for salaried employees or team members who don’t need to log their project work. Timecards app can be turned on / off by team admin on the 'Applications' page.

Time tracking via the Everhour browser extension

You don't necessarily need to open our website, by clicking on the timer icon in the browser toolbar you can quickly start the timer, add time to any task, edit time or estimate, and more.

Time tracking inside your project management tool

We inject time tracking controls inside the web interface of such popular tools like  Asana, Trello, Basecamp, Jira and more. 

By doing this, we want to let you stay in one program you use most of the day and don’t switch between different tabs or duplicate the task titles to your time tracking tool. Just start a timer from your task and stay focused on your work. This also results in accuracy and reduces the necessary training in your team. Requires Everhour browser extension

Time tracking on the go

You can download the Everhour app for iOS to track time wherever you are. It is very limited at the moment compared to the website functionality, but it does the job. It aims to let you start/stop the timer or manually add time for tasks you have worked on. 

You can also use our website on your mobile device.

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