Color-coding of time entries (spot a mistake)

You may notice a special time highlighting across the app. This is an admin option to focus on hours that is outside a defined normal range.

Setting normal hours of work

Admins can set up the 'Daily normal hours of work' range on the Team Settings page. When set, all smaller and higher daily totals (except today) of all team members will be highlighted in orange to let you spot a mistake faster.

Time page

As a user, you'll see the indication on the 'Time' page and inside the browser extension. 

Home page

Admins will see an indication on their 'Home', 'Team Timesheet' and 'Member Summary' pages.

  • Green filling - there are no warnings and the time is within the set normal hours;
  • Orange color indicates a warning (e.g., the timer was auto-stopped) and unapproved time off.

Team timesheet

Member summary

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