Tracking time without a task

The aim of tracking time without a task

This is very simple: we want you to give an option to start a timer quickly and then allocate time to the right task or create a task for time entry in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

If you have an urgent call from a client, a sudden meeting with your team or there is an ugly bug that needs high attention, you don't want to spend time on creating a task first. You wish to start the work right away.

How to track time without a timer

The option to track time without a task is available on your Time page. If you don't select a project or task, you can see the button to start a timer appears active. Hit on it to run a timer.

If you stop a timer, the entry appears at the top of your list for today. This time does not show up anywhere in Everhour until you choose a task to which it belongs. To do that, you need to click on select task assign a project with a task that this entry belongs too.

When you run multiple timers without a task, we recommend switching to a Timesheet view. This is very easy to hit a time cell here to allocate all entries to different tasks.

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