Everhour browser extension: why essential and how to install

Why to install a browser extension

While this is still possible to track time through Everhour, however, an extension gives you a couple of significant advantages.

  1. It places our timer directly into the tasks that you created in a project management tool. It means that you can keep working here while Everhour brings a time tracking component to your workflow. What is more, you can add the missing time or edit the wrong time entry right here.
  2. You can see the time of colleagues they spend on team tasks and estimate the time they need to dedicate to a task. This all allows you to see who under- or overperformed and what amount is left to finish the job.
  3. Being an admin in an Everhour team, you can also add a project budget or set up a billable project directly in some of the integrations (Asana, Trello, Basecamp)

If you did not install and authorize our extension, you won’t see anything of the mentioned above. 

Download / Updates

When you work on different computers and with different browsers, each of them should have an extension installed. At this moment we support Chrome and Firefox. Usually, we force you to install an extension during registration, however, you might skip this step, intentionally or not. For such case, an extension is available to download on a separate page too.

An extension method works only for browsers. This is why you don't see our timer in the desktop or mobile apps of your project management tool.

Application access

You can see the Application Access block in My Profile, which stores your unique API token, associated with your profile. Its main function is to authorize you in our browser extension when you track time with the external project management tool. We usually do it automatically when you log in to your account, but in case you are logged out and it was not authorized automatically, you need to copy the token and enter it into the authorization window.

This token should be kept private, like any other important information with credentials. 

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