How to install Everhour browser extension in Safari


Find Everhour on Mac App Store via this link; after installation, click the ' Open Safari Preferences' button in the appeared window;


Activate Everhour extension;


Authenticate the extension and grant access to your project management tools. To do so, go to your Everhour account, click 'timer' icon in the browser toolbar and click 'Allow on Every Website';

That's it! Go to your project management app. You should see time tracking controls along your tasks.


1. If you can’t turn on the extension in Safari - install the latest Apple software updates, then try again. Learn more on Apple Community.

2. Use 'Edit Websites' button under 'Extension settings' to configure pages the extension has access to. By default, the list contains all services Everhour integrates with, but with status 'Ask'. You can choose specific services or simply activate all at once. This is required to inject time tracking controls into a 3d party interface;

3. Website is used to authenticate the extension. If set to 'Allow', you can simply go to your Everhour account and refresh the page to login. Otherwise, you need to manually enter API Token from your Profile page by clicking 'Preferences' button;

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