I don’t see a timer in tasks

You are an existing user

Typical reasons why the timer stopped appearing:

  • You have recently changed your computer.
  • You are trying to use Everhour on a different computer (home vs office vs meeting room).
  • You’ve changed your browser.
  • You need to update your extension which fixes the problem you have.

In each case, you need to make sure you have installed our browser extension and it is of the latest version.

How to troubleshot?

  • Please log into your account and go to Everhour > Settings > Integrations.
  • Press  Install and follow steps. 

You are just signing up

Typical situations:

  • You did not connect Everhour to your PM tool. 
  • Our browser extension is not installed. 
  • You have no account with Everhour yet.

How to troubleshot?

  • Please check that you have a connection between Everhour and your PM tool. You can do that by going to Account > Integrations
  • Check that you have our browser extension installed (see above). 

Still not working? Please write us an email at ask@everhour.com with screenshots of the problem.

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