Columns in reports: how to display information the way you need

There are 45+ columns you can use in custom reports, each standing for different data. Pick those that you need in a particular report » change order » use extra column option to further adjust appearance » save the report with a telling name. 

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How to set up

Click 'Create Report' button. The right column shows all available columns. Select or drag any column to add it to the report structure. Click ⚙️icon for extra options.

All columns are grouped into 3 categories:

  1. Attributes: columns that show objects where time is reported (projects, tasks, clients) and information about these objects;
  2. Metrics: columns that display all possible forms and types of reported time;
  3. Custom fields: columns that show objects that we export from your integration (Asana, Trello, Jira, ClickUp). When a task has a custom field, we sync this field as a column and you can group and filter data by it.

List of available columns

Name Description Example
1 Task Shows task name and optionally some extra information 

'Design new logo'
2 Section Shows iteration (milestone / section / column) name to which a task or set of tasks belongs 

'Design phase'
3 Tag Shows label (tag) name assigned to a task     

'High', 'Todo', 'Postpone'
4 Parent Task Shows parent task name. (This helps to group and/or sort subtasks and its parent parent)
5 Task Status Shows the current status of a task 'Open', 'Closed'
6 Task Number Shows unique task ID

7 Task Type Shows type of a task or set of tasks (available only for some integration, eg Pivotal, GitHub) 'Bug', 'Feature', 'Pull Request'
8 Task Due Date
Shows a due date when a task should be completed 'Jul 13', '27/05/2020'
9 Project
Shows a project name to which a task or set of tasks belongs

'Marketing', 'Alpha Project'
10 Workspace
Shows workspace name (account / team) to which a task or set of tasks belongs 'Organization A', 'Team A'
11 Client
Shows the name of the client to which a project or set of projects belongs 'Acme Inc.', 'Apple Inc.'
12 Day
Shows the date when time was reported 'Jul 13', '14/07/2020'
13 Week Shows the week when time was reported

'Jul 13 - Jul 19', '13/07/2020 - 19/07/2020'
14 Month Shows the month when time was reported 'Jul 2020'
15 Member
Shows details about a person who reported time or set an estimate to a task(-s)

'John Smith'
16 Member Role
Shows the user role in Everhour 'Admin', 'Member'
17 Job Title
Shows the user job title 'Sales Executive'
18 Team Group
Shows the name of the group the user belongs 'Support'
19 Budget Period
Shows the date range for recurring budgets '01/07/2020 - 31/07/2020'
Shows extra notes the user left to a time entry 'Design new logo'
> 'Call with a client'
1 Non-Billable Time 
Shows the amount of non-billable time reported '40h'
2 Billable Time
Shows the amount of billable time reported
3 Billable Amount Billable time multiplied by a user rate '$5,000'
4 Budget Budget amount set as time or money '100h', '$5,000'
5 Budget Remains The amount of budget left (minus sign is displayed if exceeded) '40h', '-40h'
6 Budget Remains (%) The amount of budget left in % '30%', '-30%'
7 Budget Spent The amount of budget used '20h', ' $5,000'
8 Budget Spent (%) The amount of budget used in % '30%', '150%'
9 Estimate The amount of hours to complete a task (-s) '40h'
10 Estimate Overtime Only The amount of time beyond the estimate

11 Estimate Remaining The amount of time beyond the estimate / left to reach the estimate

'40h', '-40h'
12 Estimate Remaining Only The amount of time left to reach the estimate

13 Estimated Cost The expected labor cost, calculated as a user cost multiplied by task estimate '$5,000'
14 Estimated Profit The difference between Estimated Revenue and Estimated Cost '$5,000'
15 Estimated Revenue The expected cost of work, calculated as a user rate multiplied by task estimate '$5,000'
16 Invoiced Time Billable time that was included into an invoice '40h'
17 Uninvoiced Time Billable time that is not yet included into an invoice '40h'
18 Uninvoiced Amount Billable amount that is not yet included into an invoice '$5,000'
19 Invoiced Amount Billable amount that was included into an invoice '$5,000'
20 Cost The amount of reported time multiplied by a user cost '$5,000'
21 Profit The difference between Billable Amount and Cost '$5,000', '-$5,000'
22 Total Time The reported time regardless of the chosen date range '40h'
23 Reported Time The reported time for a chosen date range '40h'
24 Progress Total time that was already spent compared to a task estimate   '40h of 80h'
25 Timer % How much time was reported by using a timer '50%'
26 Complexity Shows how complex a task is in story points (only Pivotal) '4pt'
Custom fields
Custom fields that we export from your integration (Asana, Trello, Jira, ClickUp)...

Resize and rename columns

In order to display all information you have in a lengthy description of a task title as well as get more columns showing up on your exported file, you can change the width of a column by moving it right/left. You can rename the column to display the title you are used to. Change name applies only in the report where you make it.

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