Creating custom reports

To create a report, go to 'Reports' page and click 'Create Report' button. It creates a draft report and lets you customize how it looks.

Report builder



Configure the data and the appearance of the report. Select columns that should be included in the report, their order, grouping etc. Some columns can be further customized. For example, in the 'Member' column, you can choose whether to display the full member name or just photo;



Choose specific time interval for which you want to make a report;



Choose to display data only for specific projects. All projects are grouped by favorite status, projects that has time or estimate and not, by client and workspace. 



Choose to display data only for specific members. All members are grouped by team group and status. Even if you deactivate a member, you can still see their history.



You can filter the report based on various meta information: task status, tags, iterations, milestones and any custom field. Choose what to include or exclude.



You can create private reports (visible to you only) or choose who else can see the report. Everyone who has access to the report can change it. If there is financial information in the report, it will be hidden for regular members.



You can highlight data that meets certain conditions for ease of analysis.



Last but not least. Each report has an additional section for some important settings. For example, formatting or rounding. Each user may have its own preferences in their profile, but in order to avoid inconsistencies, this can be clearly set in the report settings.

How to update integrations data

Everhour will automatically sync all your projects and tasks from integrations. This happens periodically and automatically. But, if you just renamed a project and want to see these changes immediately, you need to re-sync projects from the Integrations page manually. To do so, please re-sync projects from the Integrations page.

Same with tasks of these projects. If you've just renamed a task, added a new tag or moved the task into a different section or project and for some reason you don't see in reports, you need to go to 'Projects' page, select these projects and hit 'Resync Tasks'.

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