Task estimates

Everhour lets you add time estimates to tasks, no matter if they are internal tasks or managed inside your project management tool (Asana, Trello, Jira and more).

How to add / edit estimates

Click on a task title anywhere in Everhour to open 'Task Details', then hit on "Estimate".

You can set estimates without leaving your project management tool by means of our browser extension. Here is how it works in Asana. Read on how to sync a task estimate with a custom field from Asana.

Tasks can have general or individual (personal) estimates. Last is a bit time consuming to manage, but allows you better understand the reason behind the excess.

Report with task estimates

You can use a number of columns based on estimate in reports. Although estimates are set at the task level, our reports lets you analyze the total time by member, project or client.

  1. Estimate: total hours by task, project etc. (based on other columns used in a report);
  2. Progress: shows both total time spent on a task vs. original estimate;
  3. Remaining/Overtime: displays either the remaining time or indicates an overtime;
  4. Estimated Cost/Revenue/Profit: you can project your billing and cost based on estimates;

Progress inline with tasks

With Everhour, reported hours and hourly estimates are displayed right next to tasks titles, making it easy to keep an eye on whether you’re on schedule. Here is how it looks in Asana.

This is important because many companies only share timesheet data with managers, and they’re often only looked at when it’s time to create a report or an invoice.

When you switch that around so that the entire team can constantly see estimates and time spent on tasks, it’s a different story altogether. It suddenly means that everyone can track progress and keep an eye on project progress, which means that everyone will hold you accountable. 

Control how people work with estimates

As an admin, you can apply certain rules to estimates from the ' Team Settings' page.

  1. Force your team to estimate tasks before tracking time;
  2. Limit time tracking into tasks with an exceeded estimate; 
  3. Finally, configure who can add or edit estimates.

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