B-Sync of Everhour estimates and Asana custom fields

Many of our users asked about the possibility of our task estimates to sync with an Asana custom field that contains estimated time in order to show up on various Asana dashboards and in our reports too.

How to sync a custom field and estimates

First of all, you need to add a custom field of number type to your Project or Portfolio and call it "Estimate". From this moment, you can start estimating task time in this field.

When you open task details, you will see all controls as usual but the estimate is now located in the custom field.

Important: If you created an estimate through a browser extension before adding the field, it won't appear in the field but will remain in the old place next to the total reported time.

Where to see custom field estimates

The value from the custom field shows up in reports after adding our column Estimate (not as a separate column synced from Asana like other custom fields). If you change an Estimate in Everhour, the number updates in Asana too.

You can use custom fields on all dashboards and pages in Asana, including Workload and Timeline to see the estimated time. The reports in Everhour will let you see the progress.

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