Connecting with Jira Cloud

There are 2 ways to connect your Jira account with Everhour:

  • Install the Everhour app from Jira Marketplace (this article).
  • Link Jira and Everhour via Application link (separate article).

Everhour App from Jira Marketplace

  • Our add-on is verified by Jira and is very easy to install. Jira Admins can find our Everhour app in Atlassian Marketplace, grant permissions and install it for the Jira account. 

  • Additionally, you can find and install our app right from the issue view. Click the "•••" quick-add button under the issue summary and choose 'Add apps'.

  • Once the App is installed, all your Jira team members who have an account in Everhour can log in and start tracking time.

Track Time in Jira with Everhour app

  • Everhour app in Jira allows you to record your time with a timer and add time manually. You can also add comments to your time entries.

  • Take a look at your Work log summary and edit your time entries in a weekly view as well as check the detailed Work log.

  • When you like to use Everhour website as a means of time tracking, you can open a time tracking page on the left panel of your Jira account. A global search allows finding any project and task you have access to and start your timer or log hours manually. You can adjust time entries from the List and Timesheet view.

Add estimates in Jira plugin

The Estimates field in Jira plugin is available for classic and next-gen projects and allows you to add overall estimates only. Please note, the plugin does not support personal estimates.

If you were using the Original Estimate native Jira field earlier, we will sync it to Everhour as well. 

How it works in Classic projects:

  • Jira original estimate and Everhour overall estimate are automatically duplicated to the plugin as an overall estimate;
  • If you had Everhour personal estimates earlier, we will indicate their total as an overall estimate in Jira plugin;
  • If you had Jira original estimate and Everhour personal estimates, Jira plugin will show you the overall estimate duplicated from Jira original estimate field.

How it works in Next-Gen projects:

  • Overall estimate remains overall In Jira plugin;
  • Personal estimates remain personal until you add an overall estimate in the Jira plugin instead.

Monitor the project progress on Time Summary

Team admins can see the spent hours and money on a project together with a budget usage and team member totals per day by clicking on its name from the Projects page. But an admin can check this progress by simply opening it in Jira! Head to the left and click on Time Summary. It replicates the data available on your summary from Everhour.

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