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While we give much attention to the ability to track time in most popular project management tools, Everhour can be a full-fledged task management tool by itself.

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Everhour is a time management system with a strong focus on integration. But, why do we focus much on integration, you may ask?

It’s simple. No time tracker can ever compete with Asana or Trello or Jira in terms of project and task management. The best apps focus on just one thing, and do it really, really well. That’s why we are focusing a lot to provide a robust time tracking functionality that works with most popular project management systems, especially those in which there is no native mechanism for time management.

Internal projects

Our internal projects are designed to let teams track time for activities they don’t keep in their project management tools. This can be legal work or daily routine, like email check or meetings. Some teams use it to track vacation time
At the same time, the functionality of our internal projects is enough to handle simple projects with tasks and phases of work. So, while we talk a lot about the possibility to integrate Everhour with an external project/task management system, this is not obligatory. Internal projects are enough to organize basic time tracking in your company or to combine and use the best of both worlds.

Important! If you delete a task, your time reported into it will disappear. To restore your recently deleted tasks, head to the projects menu > Recently Deleted Tasks.

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