Projects page

'Projects' page is where you can find and manage all your company's projects. Admins can see all projects, regular members see only those to which they have access. 

Only admins can see billing and budgets. There is an option to make a particular project budget visible to everyone.

Projects list

All projects, both internal and synchronised, are displayed in one place for your convenience. 

  • Change their grouping (by client, billing method, budget, integration);
  • Show / hide specific projects (active, favorite, only with a budget, archived);
  • Assign a client;
  • Mark a project as billable and set billing method;
  • Configure a project budget with a number of additional preferences;
  • Click on a project name to open the project summary page.

Project billing & budget

Projects in Everhour can be either billable or non-billable. Individual tasks in billable project can be marked as non-billable. You can choose a billing method: project hourly, person hourly, or fixed fee. And you can also set a budget for projects to visualize progress and receive timely threshold notifications.

Project summary

If you click on the name of the project, you'll see a Project summary page with multiple widgets which aggregate the most important project information.

Task tab for external projects

Tasks is a separate tab on the project page, where you can find a report-like view of all the tasks on the project, but without all the complicated settings tabs. 

Project Activity tab

The Activity tab on a project page shows the history of the time entries within that project during the time period selected in the top-right corner of the page. The filter in the top-left corner lets you filter the displayed data by a team member(s):

Internal projects and tasks

If you click on the internal project, there will be a separate tab to manage tasks. You can choose whether to use List or Board view for your tasks. 

Internal projects in Everhour help you to handle simple projects with tasks and phases of work. While we talk a lot about the possibility to integrate Everhour with popular project management apps (Asana, Trello, Jira, Basecamp etc.), this is not obligatory. Internal projects are enough to organize basic time tracking in your company or to combine and use best of both worlds.

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