How to add expenses to invoices

You can include all billable project-related expenses like transportation, printing, stock photos, service or subscription fees to a client invoice in order to be compensated. 

To appear on the invoice, the expense must be assigned to the billable project and must be reflected in billable amount. Regular members cannot post billable expenses. They can choose a project, but the administrator will have to mark such expenses as billable manually upon review.

Creating an invoice with expenses

When creating an invoice, you should check 'Expenses' option.

  1. After you create an invoice, you'll see billable time and / or billable expenses listed as separate line items. 
  2. 'Expenses Grouping' will let you organise invoice data in a certain way. Use special meta tags %Name% that will be replaced with real data. Read this article about invoice customisation.
  3. Choose whether to apply tax on expenses;

You can use multiple tags + add your own text that will appear in each line item. The chosen combination will be used in every next invoice that you create for this client. It is possible to edit the line item description after you save the grouping order.

  • %MEMBER%
  • %PERIOD%
  • %DATE%

After an invoice is saved, members can no longer change expenses from that invoice. Admins will see the invoice number next to the expense title on the 'Expenses' page.

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