Counting expenses in budgets

Material costs can be an essential part of the client's budget. Everhour lets you track the project budget based on both billable time and expenses.

How to count expenses in budgets


When creating an expense, assign it to a billable project and mark the expense as belonging to a project's billable amount.

Open the 'Project Billing' modal and leave 'Exclude expenses' unchecked.


The 'wallet' icon appears if there are billable expenses counted in the budget progress. Admin can see more details (amount of billable time and expenses) in a tooltip. The budget can be set for a project or a client (which aggregates multiple projects).

If you reflect an expense in billable amount, the expenses will count in a budget progress only when it is calculated by user or project hourly costs. If you add an expense to costs, it will show in budget progress that is calculated user hourly costs.

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