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Alongside billable hours, you may pay for services or goods out of your own pocket and would like to later include them into an invoice to the client. If employees spend their own money during business activities, you can record these expenses and then reimburse. Categories helps to clearly organise expenses.

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Create a category

Expense categories are managed by admins on the Applications page. Click the ⚙ icon to see the entire list. Click 'Create' button to create a new one or  ✏️  icon to edit;

Category with unit price

Sometimes it's more convenient to create a unit for a certain category and count the expense by a pre-set rate for one unit. To create a unit price, check this variant when adding a new category, give it a name and cost.

Example: a company compensates travel costs where 1 mile is 0.58$. If a team member drives 10 miles, instead of demanding a gas bill, this mileage is put into Everhour. Everhour automatically calculates the cost at a pre-set reimbursement rate for miles, i.e. 10 X 0.58 = 5.8$.

Delete a category

To delete a category, click on the 🗑 icon. A confirmation modal will appear suggesting to move existing expenses to another category prior to removal or delete the category with data.

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