Where to find expenses data

Tracking expenses in Everhour, you can further find this data on several different pages.

Expenses page

Here you can see all team expenses grouped in one of the following ways:

  • Category;
  • Member;
  • Project;
  • Month (*on the screenshot);
  • Billable vs Non-billable;
  • Invoiced vs Uninvoiced;

  1. Click "..." icon to manage expense categories or download expenses as a csv. file;
  2. Apply different filters;
  3. Choose how you'd like to group expenses on the page; 
  4. The list of all expenses (click to edit).

Home page

Scroll down to find the 'Expenses' widget. There you can change grouping and period.

Project and Client summary pages

Expenses are also visible on the 'Client', 'Member' and 'Project' summary pages.

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