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How time input works

What this page is for

Time page allows you to find any task and start timer, report time for previous dates, leave extra notes.

This is an alternative way to track time if you connected Everhour with your project management tool.

There are some cases when you this page helps a lot.

1. External integration is not mandatory. If you want to use it standalone to track time, this page gives you a quick option to find an internal task and start/stop a timer.

2. You are using multiple tools like Asana + GitHub, and to report your time through their interface, you have to log in to a particular tool, find the right task and report time. You can search and select from a dropdown list with suggestions here.

3. We do not control changes any external tool does. Asana could release a completely redesigned interface without a notice, and all embedded functionality would be broken and we would need some time to fix that. In that case, you won’t be completely paralyzed. You can still track time against your tasks on this page.

4. When you need to report hours while you’re not at your desktop. You can open track page on your mobile device and search for a task. We also have a mobile app for IOS.

Starting a timer

Search field aims at finding a task that you want to report your time. When you put a cursor into it, we show you the recent projects. Start typing the name of the project when you don’t see the one you want to select. 

After you find your project, start typing the name of the task or enter its ID. Everhour is a task-based, so selecting an existing task is mandatory.

After finding and selecting a task, simply click on Start timer button.


We know that some tasks can’t be created in external tools and not all team members/teams use Asana or GitHub. For this use case, you may work with Internal projects.

Stop timer finishes time tracking.

Projects stay as your pre-choice after you reported time or stopped a timer, which makes it easy to search for tasks in this project. You can always delete pre-selected projects by clicking on X sign or hitting the Backspace key.

Adding time manually

Suppose you want to log time retrospectively because you forgot to do it. Now, after you choose a project and a task, you have 3 separate sections:

A comment section is to leave additional notes to your time entry. A time section allows you to enter the time you have already spent on the task. A date section is where to select a date (today by default).

You might see that you can’t choose certain days. This happens because of editing restrictions on your account. Admins could lock edits after a certain period of time, meaning you neither will be able to correct your past entries nor report time post factum. You have to contact an admin for corrections.

Extra comments and notes

It is possible to add comments on-the-go when the timer is running. Click on the no comment to open a popup window.

You can easily access the comment box in My activity.

When you open a task details popup, you can see the history of comments to every entry you made before.

Tracking time on a mobile phone

What if I have an iPhone and want to track time on the go? Do you have a mobile app?

Everhour has an iOS app at this moment. This is where to download it. We don’t have an app for android

Nevertheless, you can still easily track time on your smartphone. Our website is completely mobile friendly, so you can sign in to your account (https://app.everhour.com) to find a project and task and start/stop the timer or log time manually. It is recommended to have all tasks created in advance.


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