Sending invoices

Read on how to send an invoice when this is an internal client or when you integrate and copy invoices into a 3d-party accounting tool.

Invoices to internal clients

Everhour has the ability to send invoices. After saving an invoice, you can send it to multiple addresses. Alternatively, download it as a PDF file and attach it to the email that you send to your customers. 

When the invoice is sent, we mark it as 'Sent'. This status show up on the Invoices page. 

Invoices to external clients

Follow the general way of creating an invoice and then export it to your accounting tool. 

Once the export is made, we block any further changes to this invoice on the Everhour's end. 

You can quickly open an exported invoice by clicking on its number that redirects you to the accounting tool. Such invoices to be further managed and send via your accounting tool. We will keep syncing their up-to-date status and display it on our Invoices page.

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