Invoice reports and dashboard

You can run reports on your invoices data in Everhour, and/or export details to Excel or CSV.

Custom reports

There are number of columns in our reports which allows to analyze in detail the initial assessment against the actual efforts and payment received. Export data into Excel or CSV for further calculations or importing. 

Only users with an admin role can see financial information in reports.

Available columns:

  • Billable amount
  • Non-billable amount
  • Invoiced amount
  • Uninvoiced amount
  • Estimated cost
  • Estimated revenue
  • Estimated profit
  • Budget spent
  • and more...

Invoices dashboard

Invoices page shows the list of all created invoices.

  1. Visual summary of all invoices for the last 12 months. Data is grouped by status and shows the ratio of invoices in draft, sent, due and paid statuses;
  2. Total amount of all invoices in different statuses;
  3. Controls to change grouping and apply filters to the invoices page;
  4. Invoices with their titles, numbers, project time included and quick actions menu;
  5. The issue and due date of invoices plus their status which you set manually or we take it from the external tool.
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