Can I edit time after it was invoiced?

Learn what happens with time entries after they were invoiced and who can edit them.

Editing invoiced time entries

When time is invoiced, non-admin users can't update or delete it. It becomes grayed out everywhere and a user sees a tooltip that time was invoiced. 

Admins can still update the invoiced time, however, they will see a warning message. Moreover, if an admin changes the invoiced time, it does not update the invoice automatically. You'll have to re-issue or update the invoice manually.

Editing the invoice

If an admin will change the time or billable amount directly in the invoice, the changes will not be reflected in the reports or elsewhere except this invoice. 

If you delete an invoice, time from it can be invoiced again.

This is impossible to edit or delete the invoice of an external client that has been already exported. Changes made to invoices in 3d-party accounting apps will not affect reports in Everhour.

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