Editing and deleting invoices

Make changes to your invoices at any time. 

Invoices of internal clients

Go to Invoices page and click the invoice title you would like to edit. This will open the 'Preview' page.  

1. When you choose 'Edit Invoice' on the left, you will open an invoice draft and will be able to update any details. Please note that if you manually change time or amount in the invoice, it will only apply to the invoice, the data in reports will remain unchanged.

2. When you choose 'Delete' in "More Actions" on the right, we remove the invoice and mark all its time entries as uninvoiced.

Invoices of external clients

If it's an invoice for an external client, the 'More Actions' option is available only until the invoice wasn't copied (exported) to an external accounting tool. Once done, you can no longer open and edit the invoice inside Everhour. By clicking on the invoice title we will open it inside your accounting tool.

If you delete an invoice from your accounting tool, it gets the 'Deleted' status in Everhour too. You can click on the invoice to delete it and mark its time entries as uninvoiced.

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