Time tracking

Everhour main focus is to let you track time of work that you do at your company and for your clients. To make it easier we provide you and all your employees with a handful of options. 

This article will explain how to:
  • Track time inside your project management tool.
  • Track time through an Everhour website.
  • Track time through a browser extension window.
  • Track time through our mobile app for iOS users.

Track time inside your project management tool

Everhour embeds timer and other functionality directly into your project management tool (see a full list here). All to do after is to open a project view with tasks, find our timer and start/stop it or enter your time manually for today and for past days. You can simply indicate the number of hours you worked or set up a time interval you worked within, so we will calculate your hours for you. 
The other options in any integration are to edit your past entries and set up estimates for a task. 
The screenshot below illustrates how the timer functionality appears in Asana. To see how it looks in other integrations, please visit this support section and read about your project management tool.

Asana and Trello also have an additional Timesheet button which shows your daily Timesheet. This view will let you add a task and start your timer, quickly switch the days to add/edit your time entries and leave comments in the same window.

Embed is handled by our browser extension and works with Chrome and Firefox. Its installation is a must. The link to download it is https://everhour.com/extensions.

Track time from Everhour website

Your Everhour account can be used to report hours to all projects you work on. Open the Time page that contains your personal time to track history split by week and days. 
There is a search bar at the top, where you can find any project in the dropped-down list, which contains a few most recent ones and then the full list of all projects. You can also find a project from the list by typing its name and then add a task of that project. This is possible to start a timer or enter hours manually for the past, as well as leave a note of your progress. You can also move a slider to switch your time entry mode with intervals. Once you indicate your time interval, the preview of the hours summary will show up on the button, so the only thing left to do will be to hit the button to report your time.

This is also possible to pre-select tasks from previous weeks or add a task one by one in the Timesheet view. This method allows you to select a task and add hours for the whole week in a few clicks. You can use Timesheet for recurring tasks that take the same amount of time every day.

Track time through Everhour extension window

Everhour browser extension does a trick showing our timer in your project management tool. However, it can be also used as another way of tracking time.
Click on our green timer icon in your browser toolbar to open it. You can see your activity with the recent tasks and restart timer from here. This is especially handy for those who work on 2-3 tasks weeks by weeks and do not want to open a project every time to find a task. When you click on a task title, you can see an option to add hours manually in any entry mode (hours, interval) or edit time. There is a search by a task title on the right.

Track time out of the desktop

Everhour can't boast to be a mobile-first tool, and one of our priorities is to improve in that area. Nevertheless, you can download a mobile app for iOS to track time on the go. We are also going to create an app for Android in the future too.

It is limited when comparing to website functionality, and its main aim to let you restart the timer for tasks you have already worked or to find a task and start tracking time. You can't make reports or use schedule here. 

You can also use your mobile browser to log in to your Everhour account and track time from the Time page.

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