Deactivating and replacing users

Any admin can deactivate team members. Here is how and what happens after.

How to deactivate a user


Go to 'Members' page, click '...' icon next to the user name and click 'Edit Profile'. 


Click ‘Deactivate’ button at the bottom-right corner of the 'Update Member' window.

What happens after you deactivate a user

Everhour comes with a minimal users fee. If after the deactivation you end up with fewer than 5 users on a paid plan, you will still be charged for 5 seats. This is a basic fee for using our services.

  1. By deactivating a user you don't delete any data. We keep all the data associated with a deactivated user in our database. Their time entries are available for reporting purpose.
  2. A deactivated user loses access to his/her Everhour account. An admin can reactivate a user at anytime. 
  3. If you deactivate a user during the billing cycle, we do a pro-rate and credit the unused amount to your account (above 5 users). The credit will be applied to your next payments.

How to replace a user

You may need to invite one user instead of another. To do so, please deactivate the existing user, and after that invite a new one. 

We'll recalculate and credit to your account the unused time on the subscription for the first user and take this into account when you add a new one. Stripe (our payment gateway) makes all calculations very accurately, so if you do these two operations promptly, you should not see any charges. Otherwise, there might be some minimum amount. 
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