Changing a plan in Everhour

If you feel that your current subscription plan no longer fits your needs, you can change it anytime with a few clicks. Here is how you do it.

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Changing a plan in Everhour

To change your Everhour subscription plan, navigate to the Billing page and hit the 'Change Plan' button.

Note: only team owners have the access to the Billing page. Your team owner can transfer the ownership to any admin on your team. If your team owner no longer works with you, contact us and we will transfer the ownership for you.

Select the type of your new subscription (basic or free). If you select Basic, specify the period of your subscription (monthly or yearly). Finally, type in your credit card info and complete the purchase.  

Downgrading to a free plan

You can downgrade to Free plan only with 5 and fewer users on your team. When you downgrade from Basic to Free, all of the connected integrations will be disabled. The unused amount will be kept as a credit on your account with no possibility of a refund.

Switching from monthly to yearly

If you change your plan from Basic Monthly to Yearly, we immediately charge you for the year upfront starting from today according to the number of users on your team minus the unused amount from Basic monthly. With the yearly subscription you pay $5/user (save ~30% compared to a monthly subscription).

Switching from yearly to monthly

If you change your plan from Basic Yearly to Monthly, we immediately charge you for the next month starting from today according to the number of users on your team minus the unused amount on Basic yearly. With the monthly subscription you pay $7/user. If the credit for the unused time exceeds the size of the monthly payment, there will be no write-off on the credit card. The system will use the credit to all subsequent invoices until it is over.

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