Editing and canceling the subscription

Everhour subscription automatically renews at the end of the billing period on a monthly or yearly basis depending on the type of your subscription. To prevent automatic renewals, you can cancel the running subscription.

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Billing owner

Only the team owner has access to the Billing page and can edit subscription. The current owner can transfer the status to another administrator in the team by clicking on the 'Transfer Ownership' link. If necessary, you can always contact our support team and we will make a transfer for you.


Update payment method

To update the payment method, click on the ' Update ' button and enter the information of the new credit card.


Cancel subscription

If you're super sure you want to cancel, please click the 'Cancel plan' button. We'll ask you to specify the reason for the cancelation and confirm the action. After that, you will receive a confirmation email that your subscription has been canceled.

Cancelation suspends the account access and locks any further actions. You can resume it only by subscribing back. 

The suspension is not immediate. Since you paid for Everhour in advance, you'll still have access to your account until the end of the current billing cycle. Even after that, all data will be safely stored on our servers, we will never remove it, and you will get back the access to it after resubscribing to Everhour.

Everhour has a no refund policy. Unless you were charged due to a system error or contacting us within 24 hours after charge, we won't be able to issue a refund. 

Exporting the data

You can export all of your Everhour data as JSON files, which you can use to transfer your data to another system, maintain backups, or simply for data analysis. 

Go to the Team Settings page and click 'Download JSON' link. Generating your export will take a few minutes. Please do not close this window or click the Back button on your browser until it's done.

Export preview:

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