Everhour pricing plans

Our plans come with a 14-day free trial. We do not ask for a credit card in advance. If you want to continue using Everhour after the trial, you will need to subscribe either to a Team monthly or yearly plan or choose a Free plan option.

Team plan

This plan includes all available features and priority support, it is ideal for big teams who seek not just time tracking and reporting, but also such advanced features as scheduling, time off, time approval, SSO and many other. See the full list on our pricing page.

Team plans start with a minimum of 5 users on the team. It means that if your team consists of fewer than 5 participants, you can still use Everhour, but the system will charge you for 5 users. This works for both monthly and yearly subscriptions.

The monthly option comes at $10/user/month. You can upgrade to an annual plan at any time. The yearly plan offers a 15% discount and comes at $8.5/user/month ($510/year for 5 users). When subscribing to a yearly plan, you make a commitment to pay the annual amount in advance and will not qualify for a refund.

Free plan

Free plan allows maximum 5 users and does not allow native integrations. You can create unlimited internal projects, track time, build unlimited reports without financial metrics, export reports. To find more about all available features and limitations, please visit our pricing page.

What else you should know bout Free plan:

  • You can't downgrade to Free, if you are on an existing Team plan.
  • You can't switch to Free plan later, if you first choose a paid plan after the trial end.
  • If you upgrade from Free to a paid plan, you can't return to a free plan.
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