Pro-rating for new or removed members

Everhour uses a pro-rata recalculation when you add/remove users during your billing cycle, both monthly and annually. 

Adding a new user

When you add a new user in the course of the billing period, the fee will be charged proportionally to the time left until your next payment.

Example: you are in the middle of your monthly subscription to Everhour. As a 30-day member seat costs 10$ per month, we will charge 5$ for the remaining half of the month. 

Pro-rata charges for newly added users happen immediately. If you want to avoid multiple write-offs, consider adding new users in bulk. The charge occurs regardless of whether the user accepted your invitation or not. After the invitation was sent, the user is considered active.

Removing a user

When removing a user, the unused funds will be automatically calculated and credited to your Everhour account until the next payment. 

Example: you remove someone from your team 15 days after purchasing a subscription. In this case, you will get a credit of $5 which will later be deducted when you add a new member or pay for a new billing period.

Note: Everhour comes with a minimal users fee. If after the deactivation you end up with fewer than 5 or 2 users on your team (depending on your plan), you will still be charged for all required seats. This is a basic fee for using our services.

Seats management

Instead of adding/removing users on the go, you can operate with seats by adding and reducing the number of paid seats in your subscription. This block is separated from the subscription management. 

When you deactivate and delete users, this does not mean you change the number of seats. You should manage them individually.

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