Account suspension due to unsuccessful billing

Payments may not always go through. Besides the insufficient funds on your credit card, this may happen due to the payment being declined by your bank. 

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How we handle this in general

We send a notification to the team owner's email every time there is a failed attempt to charge a card. Please make sure to check this email regularly.  No other users from your team will be notified at this stage.
Only a cardholder can find out why the bank refused the charge. As a 3d-party, in most cases we don't know enough details. If you receive the message, please contact your bank immediately to rectify the situation. Please get in touch with us if you know there is a problem. Your early notice will help us to handle the issue.
We will automatically retry the charge the next day. After the 4th unsuccessful attempt, the subscription will be automatically canceled. All users from your team will be notified.

Failed recurrent payment

Everhour subscription automatically renews at the end of the billing period on a monthly or yearly basis depending on the type of your subscription. 

If we cannot charge you for the coming period, the subscription will be automatically canceled and the account will be blocked. Everyone will lose access to their data until you resubscribe or downgrade to a free plan (only for teams of up to 5 users).

Failed pro-rata charge for new users

Suppose you have a paid subscription (10 users), and you add the 11th user in the middle of your billing cycle. Within a few hours the system will try to charge you $3.5 on a monthly plan or $30 on a yearly plan. 

After 4 unsuccessful attempts, we will cancel your subscription and reduce your billing period according to the amount due for the added users (approx. 1-2 less days of use).

You will remain having access to your account until the end of the billing period, however, won't be able to expand your team (in our example you can have maximum 11 members). At the same time, you can remove the existing ones and invite new team members instead of them.

If you decide to resubscribe during your billing period, we will create a new subscription that day. And most importantly, we won’t be able to automatically credit the remaining amount for the previous period back to your account. To solve the issue, please contact us anytime at 
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