Paid Time Off: basic information

In addition to tracking project hours and hours at work (clock-in, clock-out, breaks) your team can also track vacations, sick leaves and any other PTO types with Everhour. 

Why use time off

By accurately recording time off time, at any moment you can see how much time off any employee has already taken (for example vacation) and how much has left;
When planning time off in advance, this information will be in front of you, and you'll less likely find yourself in the situation when you aren't sure why someone is away today;
Time off time is displayed in team timesheets and some other pages across the app, which allows to see correct daily or weekly totals.

Time off at a glance

An admin can quickly look at past, current and future time off on the 'Home' page and also record a new event. Read our dedicated article about other places where you can see and analyze time off data.

Various time off types

An admin can go to Applications page, find 'Time Off' app and click on the ⚙️ icon to manage different time off types (categories) used in the team. 

When you add a new time off type, you can give it a title and set a prominent color. By default, only admins can record a time off, but you can expand these privileges to supervisors.

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