Where to find time off data

Tracking time off in Everhour, you can further find this data on several different pages.

Team's time off page

The Time Off page is where you can make a high-grade report on the use of a particular time-off type by a specific employee for any period of time.

Home page

Admins can quickly look at past, current and future time offs on their 'Home' page as well as record a new event. 

Team's timesheet page

Time off information is displayed on the timesheets. By default, time-off hours are added to project hours to see the gross time per day or week but can be excluded using filters.

User's time page

Every user will notice information about created time off for any particular day from the 'Time' page (across List / Timesheet / Timecard).

Slack notifications

Information about which employee had time off and leave type will also be available in Slack notifications.

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