Creating a time off (admins)

Everhour admins and supervisors (if allowed) can record time offs for themselves and other team members. 

How to record a Time off

An admin can record a time off from multiple places across the app: 'Home', 'Time Off' or 'Schedule' page. Regardless of where the button was clicked, you'll see the following window:

  1. Time Off. Choose one of the available types (categories);
  2. Assignee. Choose a person, multiple users, or everyone (if assigning a holiday);
  3. Period / Duration. The number of days the time off lasts. You can further choose whether it's a full-day event, 3/4, 1/2, or 1/4 of the day. Additionally, you can indicate to count the non-working days or not;
  4. Time will be calculated based on a user's weekly capacity that you set on the 'Members' page. If the employee's capacity is 40 hours (full-time employee), 1/2 of the day is 4 hours. If 20 hours (part-time employee), then 2 hours.
  5. Notes. You can leave extra notes. 
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