Using a desktop app for screenshots

A desktop app is vital to be installed in order to take screenshots. You can open it in your task tray and find useful commands there. Here are links for Mac and Windows.

  1. Stop - Pause taking screenshots. Pause it every time you switch from work to leisure activity. 
  2. Start - becomes active after you hit Pause, pressing on this button activates our app to take screenshots.
  3. Preferences - take screenshots only from main monitor, or from all monitors you are working with. Takes screenshots only with a running timer.
  4. Sign Out - withdraw your api key to let you re-login. 
  5. Help - leads you to our support portal
  6. Check for updates - you will see "Current version is up-to-date" or "Found new updates". When you see the latter message, click to download and then install.
  7. Quit - turns off our app with the status it had been (active/paused) which remains when you re-activate. No screenshots are taken when you quit the app.
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