Closing and deleting account

If you'd like to delete your Everhour account while having paid subscription, please start by canceling the subscription. As an owner you can delete the account permanently by clicking on the 'Delete Account' button on the Team Settings page.

You can also export all your Everhour data as JSON files, which you can further use to transfer data to another system, maintain backups, or simply for data analysis. Click 'Download JSON' link. Generating your export will take a few minutes. Please do not close this window or click the Back button on your browser until it's done.

Users can download their personal time entries on the My Profile page.

Export preview:

Finally, you can export you Everhour data by making a report. Log in to your account and go to the Reports page. Build a report you need, hit the Save button and choose one of the suggested formats: CSV, Excel or PDF.

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