Sync clients & copy invoices to QuickBooks Online, Xero, FreshBooks

If you use accounting apps like Xero, QuickBooks Online, or FreshBooks, we automatically mirror all your customers in Everhour, let you assign projects to these clients, issue invoices, and copy these invoices back to your accounting tool.

Sync clients

Go to your Integrations page and click the 'Add Integration' button. 

We will automatically sync all your active clients so you don’t have to manage clients in several places. When the sync is done, you'll find all clients with an icon indicating the tool they were taken from next to a client name. Now you can assign projects, set budgets, issue invoices, etc. 

We sync just the basic details like name, business address, taxes, etc. 

We also periodically monitor changes that you make to your clients. For example, if you update the name on the integration's side, we will also update it in Everhour.  External clients can't be deleted through Everhour, only archived.

Copy invoices

After you have an active integration, you can create an invoice for billable hours and expenses. When you hit `Export`, we'll copy this invoice as a draft to your accounting tool and you won't be able to edit it in Everhour any longer. Although we mark time entries as invoiced and this data will be available in Everhour reports.

Still, you will be able to view the exported invoices in Everhour. We will keep synching and display up-to-date invoice status, number, issue date, and invoice amount on our Invoices page. If you delete an invoice in your accounting tool, the invoice status will change to 'Deleted' on our side. Go to the Invoice preview page to delete it and thus marking its time entries as uninvoiced.

Similarly, if you change the invoiced amount in an accounting tool, you will see a warning in Everhour notifying you that changes have been made.

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