What if Clients or Invoices apps are switched on/off?

'Clients' and 'Invoices' are an essential yet not used by every team functionality. Let's see how to hide these apps and what is going to happen after.

Manage apps

'Clients' and 'Invoices' belong to the pool of apps that can be added or removed from your Everhour interface by any team admin. They are managed on the Applications page.

By switching the app off, you do not delete any of its data, you just hide it. All historical information will be stored on our servers, you can get the access to it back anytime by turning the app on.

Toggle the status bar to enable/ disable your clients and invoices. Click the ⚙ icon to edit app settings.

What happens after you switch off 'Clients':

  • Invoices will be switched off too because it is not possible to issue an invoice without having a client;
  • Clients page will disappear from the top menu. Nobody will be able to create a new client, clients from integration will not show up either;
  • Team admins won't see clients on any dashboard and summary pages, a client column will no longer be available in reports;
  • You will not be able to link a project to any client from your Everhour account;
  • The Schedule page will no longer have a grouping by client view.

What happens after you switch off 'Invoices':

  • Clients will remain as on by default (but can be turned off), you can see them in reports, assign projects and set budgets, etc.;
  • Nobody will be able to create an invoice, all previously made invoices will be hidden;
  • Nobody will be able to invoice expenses;
  • The invoiced/ uninvoiced filter will be hidden on the team dashboards and in reports.
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