Find your receipts and invoices

Everhour invoices

You open a page called Billing history after buying a subscription with us. This is a page that saves all invoices coming from Everhour, you can view them or download. The page is visible to the team owner only, other admins can’t see it.
A team owner can also see the field for extra billing information at the bottom of the Billing page. This is a place to enter your business info that will appear on our invoice in the Bill to block. There is an option to apply these details for the previous invoices.

Everhour receipts

We use a 3rd party tool for billing that sends receipts for the paid subscription to the team owner’s email address. This is not possible to have multiple addresses to receive this document, but we can change it from the one you have associated with Everhour. For example, if you wish these receipts coming not to you, but to your financial department, please write us an email with the request to change the address.
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