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Everhour shows wrong information in reports or other pages

This is a read for users who notice the wrong information appearing on Everhour website. It looks as if the changes you have made inside your project management tools are not syncing. This article aims at explaining the most common reason for why information your account is outdated and what to do to rectify it.

What changes Everhour may miss and why

Everhour syncs all time you track and send it to your account. It also sees if you renamed your task, edited previous time entry, move a task in a new project.

Usually, it is enough to refresh your page to see an accurate information in your report or on other pages. But in some rare cases, you have to wait about 5-10 minutes and even manually make a force sync on your end. The reason is that you do them after you tracked time, and tracking time is a priority for our sync.

When you rename a task title that has no reported time for a long time, Everhour sees it as a secondary update which does not fall into an immediate sync filter.

The reason why we separate changes based on time reporting frequency is that we wish to fasten the app performance. Syncing all projects and tasks (some users have hundreds of projects and thousands of tasks) together makes Everhour work slower.

How to sync your updates with Everhour

In order to see the change, we ask to make a force sync of your projects with changes.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to Projects;
  • Find a project/-s where a change was made;
  • Select them and press on Resync Tasks;

  • Refresh a page with old data.

It should display the same information you see in your project management tool and Everhour.



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