Re-sync a project to update data

What changes Everhour may miss and why

Everhour automatically syncs time you track. It also syncs information if you renamed your task, added a new label, edited a previous time entry, moved a task to a new project. Usually, it is enough to refresh your page to see accurate information in your report or on other pages. In some rare cases, you have to wait about 5-10 minutes or manually resync the account on your end. 

But sometimes, our sync may fail to perform. When you rename a task title, for example, that has no reported time for a long time, Everhour sees it as a secondary update. It does not fall into an immediate sync filter.

In order to trigger the update made in a project, please make its task resync.

How to sync your updates in a project

In order to see the change that was made inside a project, we ask to make a resync of your projects with changes.

Steps to follow:

  • Log in to your Everhour account and go to Projects.
  • Find a project/-s where a change was made.
  • Select it/them and press on Resync Tasks.
  • Refresh the page with old data. This is a must to see changes!

How to sync your updates for an integrated account

When you:

  • Rename an existing project.
  • add a new project. 
  • Get an invitation to join a new project.
  • Archive an existing project.
  • Invite other members to a project and they accept it.

You should go to your Account > Integrations > Resync Projects and then refresh the page with the old information.

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