How to update data in Everhour?

Everhour automatically syncs time you track. It also syncs information if you renamed your projects and tasks, added a new label, edited a previous time entry, moved a task to a new project. Usually, it is enough to refresh your page to see accurate information in your report or on other pages. In some rare cases, you have to wait or manually resync data on your end. 

When and how to resync integration

If you just renamed a project, or moved it to another workspace, or archived it, and want to see these changes immediately, you need to re-sync projects from the Integrations page manually. To do so, please re-sync projects from the Integrations page.

After this is done, please reload your page with the old data.

When and how to resync projects

Same with tasks of these projects. If you've just renamed a task, added a new tag, or moved the task into a different section or project and for some reason, you don't see in reports, you need to go to the 'Projects' page, select a project where a change was made and hit 'Resync Tasks'. You can select multiple projects.

After this is done, please reload your page with the old data.

If you utilise reports where you filter by a project, client or workspace, you will see an option to resync projects without leaving this report. Just wait when it finishes, no need to reload the page. It may be slower comparing to a resync on the projects page.

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