Prorating for new or removed members

When you add a new user

You can add a new member if necessary while you have a running paid period. The fee will be changed accordingly and proportionally to the time left until your next payment.
For instance, you have got a monthly basic plan subscription, and a half month has already passed. After you add a new user, we will charge you in several hours and issue the invoice with the sum including the new member for other half month left. As a 30-day member seat costs 7$ per month, we will charge 3.5$ for the remaining of the month. 

When you remove existing users

The total price will be calculated accordingly after you deactivate a user, so these unused funds will be kept as your credit till the next payment. 
Example: in 15 days you deleted someone from the team of 10 members. As a result, we keep 3.5$ as your credit which we apply to your next payment. It will be deducted when you add a new member or pay for a new billing period. 
P.S. This principle works with both monthly and annual payments.
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