Connecting with Slack

How to connect

When you don’t have an account with Everhour, you should create it first, then go to the Integrations page and click  on Add Integration. Only team admins can connect Slack.

Later, you decide which channel to send these notifications to. This can be either a common channel (eg. #time_tracking) for all events or you can make notifications for different projects be sent to different channels. You also decide it on the Slack’s end, who will see alerts by letting them see your channel.

Time tracking events in Slack

Who starts a timer and for what task. This event shows you if the team works on in the right direction. When you believe the person should not spend time on the stuff they are started to track, get in touch and correct.

slack time tracking - timer events

Time adjustments. Suppose a client is waiting for a report and you ask your colleague to adjust the past entry. This event shows when this is done, and you don’t need to double check with the colleague.

Slack time tracking - time adjustments

Estimate adjustments. The same is with estimate changes. Also, it gives you understanding whether the estimate was set right at the beginning.

Slack time tracking - estimates

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