Connecting with Slack

Receive daily and/or weekly messages in your Slack channel about all the work done by your team including clock-in, clock-out, and time off.

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How to connect

Go to the Integrations page, click on the 'Add Integration' button and select Slack from the list. Only team admins can connect Slack.

After that, decide which type of notifications (daily or/and weekly) you would like to receive and choose a Slack channel for them (read more about Private channels). 

We don't ask each user to connect personal Slack account with Everhour. This is done once by team admin. Our integration will use names and avatars from Everhour to send notifications. Therefore, the name or picture may potentially not match the one set in Slack.

Daily notifications

Daily notifications will be sent on the next day, 1 hour before the start of the working day (as configured on your team settings page). The message will include:

  • reported time, tasks and projects a user was working on top-down;
  • total time for a day;
  • clock in & out time;
  • time accuracy (% of the time log recorded via the timer);
  • border color indicates whether the employee has tracked a daily norm, which is also configured under the team settings page.

Weekly notifications

Weekly notifications will contain almost the same data as daily timesheets, but for the weekly period. You will receive them on Monday of the following week, 1 hour before the start of the working day.

Also, instead of the specific clock in and clock out hours, we will show the total amount of working hours (this may differ from the project hours).

Once you get them, you can start asking questions, making notes, and having a discussion on the timesheets with your team - all inside Slack!

Team settings

  1. Working hours define when we trigger Slack notifications (1 hour before);
  2. Hours of work show the time norm for all users in the team. The smaller amount or overtime is highlighted in orange, norm is green. These colors appear in Slack notifications;
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