Team settings and policies

Any admin can access the Team Settings page. 

Logo and basic info

In this section, you can add/ edit your company's logo and name. To change the logo that appears on your invoices, you should make a replacement in your invoice templates.

Team defaults

This section includes various default values and regional settings. 

  • Set currency;
  • Set default rate, cost, and capacity for new employees (override on 'Members' page);
  • Set the first day of the week (Monday or Sunday);
  • Working days and hours define when we should trigger summary emails, auto-stop late timers, or highlight empty timesheets;
  • The Daily Normal Hours setting allows you to configure and highlight hours that are less or greater than the norm. It will help you to quickly spot a mistake if any.


In the Reminders section, you can: 

  • set up reminders on the team level to track time on workdays if they haven't tracked any time for X hours;
  • enable notifications for team members if their daily hours are shorter than the normal hours;
  • enable notifications for team members if their weekly hours are shorter than the normal hours.

Finally, you can select the members you want to receive the notifications.

Tracking policy

In this section, you can set restrictions on certain actions based on user role.

Delete account and export data

At the very bottom of the page, you will see the option to delete an account and the ability to export all your data. Only team owners can delete an account.

You can export all your Everhour data as JSON files, which you can further use to transfer data to another system, maintain backups, or simply for data analysis. Click the 'Download JSON' link. Generating your export will take a few minutes. Please do not close this window or click the Back button on your browser until it's done.

Export preview:

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