Invoices page

The 'Invoices' page shows a list of all invoices, their status, and a visual summary for the last 12 months. You can create an invoice and send it through Everhour or export it into 3d-party accounting tools such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, or FreshBooks. 

This page is only visible to team admins. You can turn this feature off completely for the entire team on the 'Applications' page.

  1. Visual summary of all invoices for the last 12 months. Data is grouped by status and shows the ratio of invoices in draft, sent, due and paid statuses;
  2. Sum of all invoices in different statuses;
  3. Controls to change grouping and apply filters to the invoices page;
  4. List of invoices and their status.

Why to use invoices

Everhour lets you issue an invoice for billable time and expenses you tracked for a client at a certain period with less time and mistakes in the process.
The amount due is calculated automatically based on hourly rates per member or per project and excludes non-billable tasks. When your team reports time, the only thing you should do is to click `Create invoice` button. The time in the invoice is marked as invoiced and doesn't appear in future invoices. Plus your team cannot accidentally change this time afterwards. 
Our reports lets you analyze the time spent for a specific project or client, understand the effectiveness and profitability and make more accurate estimates in the future.

Creating an invoice

By clicking the 'Create invoice' button, you will see the invoice editing form.

  1. Invoice number: the number starts from 1 and in the future will automatically be incremented for this client. The pattern can be changed.
  2. Data: you can always change the period and/or projects, i.e. update the invoice. 
  3. Basic invoice info: Issue date, Due date and Reference number;
  4. Grouping: you can specify how you'd like to group data in line items. We remember your choice and apply it with the next client's invoice;
  5. Invoice line items: edit description, time, rate, amount, add discount, taxes etc.
  6. Public notes: adding details and important comments.

Invoice preview

Click on the invoice title to open the Preview page. Details that you can see there are taken and configured in multiple places.

  1. Team settings: your logo and business information are taken from the team settings page. The base currency is also configured there. At the moment you can’t use multiple currencies;
  2. Client details: details on the client are taken from its profile. There are business information, as well as the default values of tax and discount. These values can be overridden directly in the invoice;
  3. Invoice details: data that is edited directly while creating an invoice.
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